Monday, October 27, 2014

Wow! It's been a Long Time since ive blogged! Sad day! There's so much to be blogged lol! What sparked this decision to blog today, was the conversation I was having between my sister in law and my mother in law, about the births of our children. There were a lot of details that had been forgotten over time and I did not want to forget about the miraculous birthing experience, we as women are so blessed to be given.  So I am going to tell Ayva Mae Haslams Birth Story.

Well, lets start at the beginning. When we finally decided to get pregnant, we knew it would take a couple months like usual. This time being 5 months.  October 2013 I found out I was pregnant!  I had just started going back to Crossfit and I really wanted to pursue that route. By 10 weeks, I was feeling tired, but otherwise doing great. I decided that day, I would do a Turbo Kick class instead of Crossfit.  I've done Turbo before and I have always enjoyed it.  I knew I had to tone it down a bit with all the jumping etc. and so I did.
     After class, I hurried home to get ready because my first official Prenatal appointment was that day.  Parker had decided he would meet me in town for the appointment.  As I was driving into town, I suddenly started to feel something warm, like I had just peed my pants.  I was on the freeway, so I couldn't be sure.  I managed to check, and sure enough, I was bleeding.  I was panicking, and trying not to hyperventilate.  I immediately called Parker and told him that I was bleeding and cramping.  He was almost to the doctors office so he told me he would inform the staff.  I just knew at that point, we were losing her.  I was devastated.  Parker was trying so hard to be optimistic but also realistic. 
    Instead of my normal checkup that day, they decided to do an Ultrasound to see if the baby could be seen and the heartbeat to be detected.  Thankfully, we could see both!  At this point, they told me that what I had was a Sub chorionic Hematoma/Hemorrhage. Basically, the egg detaches itself from the uterus during implantation.  If the Hematoma is too big, it can affect the development and lively hood of the baby.  They said I would continue to bleed out for at least a couple of days.  But they could not be sure if the baby would survive.  Laying low, and "Waiting it out", was the only thing to do.  This happened 3 days before Christmas!  So, my Christmas was not so Merry.   I continued to cramp and bleed over the next month and a half! Over many doctor appointments, tears, and ultra sounds, by week 20, I was pretty much out of the woods! They told me my Hematoma was starting to absorb itself finally.  I was so ecstatic!!  I finally felt like I could breathe again. And my hope for this baby girl was finally, almost tangible!  In February, we took a Haslam family vacation to Disneyland!  It was just what we needed. Hendrix loved it! We had a blast! Even if I could only ride on the little rides:) 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Delta Get Away.

Whenever we need a tiny getaway, we head over to Delta's!  Yes, Delta's with an S:) (Haslam language) Parker's sister, Jenn lives there.  The weather was pretty good over there, so we went to Griffins Baseball game and hung out with the family. It was also General Conference, so that is another reason why we headed to Delta. Nana made her traditional Scones in the morning, and they were so yummy! We all enjoyed family time, and listening to the Gospel.  Good weekend.
Mmmmm SCONES:)

Up, Up and Away, it's Hendrix 1st B-day! (catching up:)

Mr. Hendrix turned 1! Sept. 11, 2012. 
We decided to have his birthday party a week later because Hendrix' cousin Briggs was born 1 day before Hendrix' Birthday so the family was extra busy, and Mommy was in Salt Lake City visiting Aunt Leesha and new baby Briggs at Primary Childrens. 
When we finally had the Birthday party, it ended up being loads of fun!  We had tons of Family and Friends that came to celebrate!  Mom did an Airline themed Birthday for me, and I loved it! She made cupcakes, cookies, and we even had Airline food there for us!  We opened up presents, which I got many, many toys! And then, they all sang Happy Birthday to me! I loved my giant Cupcake mama made me, and It tasted Delicious!  Thanks so much to everyone who came!!! 




Monday, October 15, 2012

Love Always.

Sweet Hendrix,

It seems that it has been 1 full year since I was bringing this little bundle of joy in this world. You. After pushing for well over an hour, you decided to make your big entrance. Born on Sept. 9. 2011 at 9:28 pm and weighing 7lbs 10 oz. You were the cutest little man there could ever be. 

I was so exhausted and relieved that you were finally here, and dad had a grin from ear to ear. But the moment that they laid your sweet spirit against mine, I felt so many emotions coming through.
I felt Excited, Scared, Relieved, Shocked, Calm, Love. I was Complete. We were Complete.

You were not the easiest baby ever, but mom and dad knew that from the beginning. You were an active little thing (even in the womb:)  So aware, so alert, and so determined. You were definately Ours. If anything, your Fathers. You have taught us so much. You keep us Alive.

Hendrix Hartley Haslam, I want you to know that I am so thankful to you and to our Heavenly Father that you chose us. That you came to us. We are so lucky to have such a sweet, smart, spunky little red head with blue eyes.  I could not be complete without you. We would not be a family without you.

I Love you to the Moon and Back.
Happy Birthday Hendrix

Love Always,
Your Mom


Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Last weekend for Anniversary, Parker got off work on Friday a little early and called to tell me to pack our bags and that he was taking us to SLC. Now this a huge deal!! For some of you that know Parker, He Never does this. He is what you would call a Workaholic! Now, don't get me wrong, this is an Extremely good thing, but can also be not so fun thing;) Well, We drove up to SLC around 5pm and Hendrix got to sit in a Big Boy Car seat! He was so excited to see all the moving cars. He just sat in Awe for a good 30 min without making a peep! It was so cute!  He did pretty well, and then he was boobing because he was tired and his head kept falling forward when he would zonk out! Poor guy! But we made it to SLC and stayed downtown at the Little America Hotel.  Parker's Grandparents would take them there on special occassions and they would all eat their Amazingly good Breakfast Buffet! It is a must! pretty pricey, but well worth it!  Our room was so cute. It reminded Parker of his grandparents "mansion" they used to have in SLC.
Hendrix never does well sleeping all night in his Pack N Play, so needless to say, neither of us got any sleep that night, or the next. But that didn't stop us from having a good Vaca. 
We went to the Hoggle Zoo to visit all of Hendrix' friends! It was so fun to see Hendrix in astonishment of all the animals!  It was his nap time by the time we arrived to the Hoggle Zoo, but Hendrix stayed awake the entire time (2hrs)  and by the time we got in the car, he was passed out!  We then went to the City Creek Center and dropped some $$ at Forever 21:) I love that store! I could spend Forever in there!  Later that night we ate at the Spaghetti Factory. It was yummy.  We hung out by the pool and people watched and lounged under the night starry sky:) Romantic, I know! haha
We had a good weekend! We need to take more little Vaca's. It would be healthy for me heart:) haha

                                                                     Big Boy Carseat
                                                               Little America Hotel
                                    H's 2nd time @ the zoo! The 1st time he was in my womb:)
                                                             He might be scared??
                                                       "What's dat?"  There is a monkey:)
He wouldn't cooperate!
                                                                   Animal Family:)
He's so Silly:)
                                                           We are Happy!!

7 years and Counting!

August 27th Parker and I celebrated our 7 year Anniversary!  I can't believe how fast time flies by! I feel like it was just the other day when we were married and then Yesterday, when we had a baby boy named Hendrix! It's so insane! We have made a lot of memories together! I love my Husband more than anything and I'm so glad Heavenly Father blessed me with such a good Husband/Father than I could ever ask for. Here's to 7 years and Forever with you Parker!

11 months!

Sorry, I gotta get caught up on my little Mr. Man!

- I have my own little language, but I can say some things:)
- I say "dada, mama, woof (what does the doggy say) and Uh oh ( if I drop something, or being   naughty;D
- I'm not fully walking by myself, but I do it when i'm feeling it! I'm a little stubborn!
- I love to play the piano with dada
- I learned to say"What's that?" I say it all the time! haha
- I point at everything and say,"what's that?"
- I love doggies
- I love being outside
- I get in to eveything! I love to open cupboards, doors, and drawers!
- I eat paper when I get a hold of it:/
- I wear size 4 diapers now
- I wear size 9-12 month clothing
- I'm a smart little bugger and I'm almost 1!